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This year more than ever, chain link necklaces are everywhere! They're available in all lengths and styles, with or without pendants, from the most classic to the most reinterpret a trend that's still reinventing itself!

Which link style to choose for a chain necklace ?

Thin chain necklaces are available in various lengths and link styles. Among the best known are the Forçat link and the Figaro link. Timeless, they can be worn on their own, but we also like to slip on a pendant, a freshwater pearl, a small colored stone or a medal. If they seem a bit conventional at first glance, don't be fooled. Chain necklaces can be personalized, allowing you to create many combinations, from the simplest to the boldest! Medium link chain necklaces are available in a multitude of link styles, including a gourmette link for a boyish chic style or an English link with a vintage feel. Among the great timeless classics, the twisted link can be worn as a choker or as a necklace. And last but not least, this year, the extra large chain link necklace has become a must-have! The ultimate fashion piece, it's perfect for adding a little touch of rock n roll to an outfit. Chain necklaces, whether small, medium or extra large, lend themselves perfectly to layering. To do so, simply play with the various lengths and thicknesses of chains and use medals and pendants to accessorize them. Fall in love with our chain necklaces, THE jewelry piece of the season to discover among our various collections! To keep for yourself or give as a gift, they're the ultimate accessory for all your outfits. !