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The necklace ? Whether simple and discreet or more standout and original, the necklace is an essential item to have as part of your wardrobe. Choker, long string or chain, pendant, with or without a jewel or gemstone: It's entirely for you to decide based on your own preferences and how the mood takes you!

What type of necklace will be adorning YOUR neck this year ?

Head this way to find out about necklace fashions for 2021: In first place, and without any hesitation at all, it's the chain necklace. It made its big comeback this winter and has no intention of giving up its first place for a good while yet. Though fine chains are perfect for wearing in combination with other items, thicker ones tend to work best worn on their own. In second place, the medallion necklace. Timeless and always fashionable, this is the ideal kind of necklace to give as a gift to a loved one. Engraving it with a name or a special word or phrase makes it a precious souvenir to be kept forever. And finally, that 1990s favorite the choker necklace still has plenty of life left in it yet. It can be worn with just about anything and everything, day or evening. What's best about it?It can be worn with any kind of top and goes just as well with low-necked items as it does with turtleneck collars !

What style of necklace should you choose for a trendy, fashionable look ?

Whatever the particular necklace that takes your fancy, don't be afraid to try out all kinds of combinations, from more conventional looks right through to the boldest and most daring! Try combining different lengths and styles, such as a chain with a pearl necklace, a medallion necklace with a pendant, a delicate zirconium oxide for sparkle, a colorful gemstone (such as a pink quartz, a white mother-of-pearl, a gray labradorite or a pretty green-colored aventurine), and this year even combining gold and silver jewelry together is in! In short, have fun!