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Available in every color, our precious and semi-precious stone rings are feminine and elegant - the essential must-have piece of jewelry. Each color is crafted to match and blend, so our stone rings look great stacked. With a variety of sizes and materials, from subtle to loud, the choice is yours !

Wondering what color stone to choose for your ring ?

Whether they're thin, twisted, chunky or even geometric, all our precious and semi-precious stones work perfectly with all our rings and come in every style! You just have to follow your heart! Whether you want your ring adorned with black onyx, rose quartz, white mother-of-pearl, red carnelian, or anything else, you'll find the one for you !

What jewelry should I wear my stone ring with ?

Worn alone for a more subtle look or stacked to make a statement, our precious and semi-precious stone rings are made for everyone! Available in gold or silver finish, don't be afraid to shake things up !
For the more daring, pair them with our pretty signet rings, chunky rings, or even a stack of nice thin rings !