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Our multi-row bracelets appear as several bracelets in one and wrap beautifully around your wrists. In chain or in bangle form, they're the perfect double or triple-rowed illusion for a smart and elegant look. Classic, patterned with ivy leaves or snakes, in gold or silver, with colored beads...they can be worn with our other bracelets to play with layering and create elegant looks.

How can I wear my multi-rowed bracelet in a trendy way ?

Easy ! It's a 2 or 3-in-1 that allows you to be ready in a snap! For those who love layering but don't know how to pair their bracelets or for those who aren't quite as daring, the multi-rowed bracelet is the perfect jewelry piece for you! And just because it's a multi-rowed bracelet doesn't mean you can't mix and match it with others. For the more classic-minded, we recommend the simpler Annabelle bracelet with three rows, available in gold or silver. It combines smooth and braided textures and allows the skin to show through! Or how about a double ended bracelet, whether flexible or in bangle adds understated elegance for any occasion ! And for the most daring, you'll love our triple-row twisted bangle that wraps around your wrist like the snake it depicts. For those who love delicate things, Hoai, our triple chain bracelet with its ivy leaves is made just for you. Lightweight and full of details, it'll win your heart.