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This year, more than ever, chain and link necklaces are everywhere! They come in all lengths and styles, from classic and understated to loud... a changing trend that isn't going anywhere !

Not sure what type of chain to choose ?

Fine chain necklaces are available in different lengths and link types, the most famous being the Forçat and the Figaro link. This timeless piece can be worn alone, but we like to add on a pendant, freshwater pearl, fine colored stone or medallion. If they seem classic at first glance, don't be fooled! They can be personalized however you like, from chic to bold! The medium-link chain necklace is available in many different link types, including the curb chain for a boyish-chic style and the English chain with a vintage feel. Among the timeless classics, there's also the cable knit, which can be worn as a short or long necklace. Finally, this is the year for the must-have extra large chain link necklace! Fashionable to a fault, it's perfect for adding a little rock'n'roll twist to any outfit. The chain necklace, whether fine, medium or extra-large, is perfect for layering. Nothing could be simpler - just play with different chain lengths and thicknesses, and add medallions and pendants to accessorize them.