At AEC, we pride ourselves on offering trendy, high-quality jewelry at an affordable price. Our mission? To ensure that our unique creations are accessible to all women. Collection after collection, our story was written because of you, and it is thanks to you that it continues to unfold throughout these wonderful years.


AEC was born in December 2017 out of a desire to transition towards a more creative, more assertive, and more committed identity. 
Since then, our collections have continued to evolve, enriched by new designs and materials, and always with a focus on style and quality. 
Your feedback is what drives us and you are an integral part of our creative process. We work with passion and dedication to offer you exquisite cutting-edge jewelry designs every month.


With each collection, we draw our inspiration from you, from our travels, from the past, and also from what we believe to be future trends. We are committed to designing jewelry for every woman, which is why our collections feature a variety of styles and materials: natural gemstones, colored cubic zirconia, stainless steel, etc.
Our vision? To allow you to experiment with different pieces, and mix and match them to express your unique personality.


All our jewelry pieces are lead-free, cadmium-free, and nickel-free and comply with the EU REACH Regulation. 
To align with our core values of durability and quality and to ensure that your jewelry will stand the test of time with everyday wear, all our pieces are crafted from stainless steel gilded with 18-karat fine gold. Our natural gemstones are individually hand-cut and, as a result, their hues and markings will vary from stone to stone. Each jewelry piece is unique, just like you.

Creation. Passion. Know-how. These are our core values.
We will be by your side, right from the beginning of our adventure together and beyond…